SOOOOO much has changed….

Hi! Thanks for visiting. How do you know me? Do you know me from a talk I did about digital marketing or business or startups…? Maybe you knew me ‘back in the day’… well recently, I have had a serious shift in focus and also realigned all my values around what I do. Over the next
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So I had a bit of a rant today on Facebook. You can see the post below. It centres around the concept of Slacktivism – thinking that posting something on Facebook to your status or doing some pushups or jumping on one leg while holding your breath does anything at all for the cause you
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The day I became Ari Gold

I am struggling. I have lived my life and run my business always looking for the mutually beneficial situation. Trying to ensure we are always playing win/win. Sometimes, I have found myself in a situation where we were clearly losing but I have always ‘done the right thing’. Taken the high road. Made sure that
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Editors Letter – Issue 93

We’re Back!! I trust you all had a relaxing Christmas and New Year. We certainly did, taking a holiday with the whole family for the first time in 5 years was a very welcome break. We went to South West Rocks and enjoyed lazy days by the pool, soaked up the sun on the beach,
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Do the work!

I have been chatting with Tom recently as he is on holidays and using his time to play Fallout4 on the PS4, watch you tube videos about Fallout4 and generally become obsessed. Now I know what that is like. I remember the year I got HalfLIfe, I played it for hours every day, or the
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