Gotta Catch ‘Em All


Have you gotten into the Pokemon craze? People have been laughing at me all week as I have chased digital creatures around the streets, catching them everywhere from my hotel room in Penrith to the park at Lake Wallace.

I guess, if you only look at the first layer of the ‘game’ you would think it a little strange that a 42 year old man might be participating in this ‘kid’s’ craze.

However, as someone who sees themselves as an early adopter of new tech, there is a much bigger story here. I have suggested for nearly 10 years that there would come a day when we could lay a digital layer over the real world to improve our experience in our daily life, and this is the very beginning of that change.

I see the introduction of this game as the beginningof a new era in the digital universe. Facebook and other computer games are able to be consumed from the comfort of our own homes, and many a game loving teen now has ivory white skin because they get a minimum amount of outdoor time.

The Pokemon Go craze is pushing these people out the door, making them explore the ‘real’ world to find their ‘cyber’ creatures.

The benefits in terms of exercise have already been immediately apparent with many people covering kilometres a day in search of the wily little digital creatures.

From a business point of view, the app has been downloaded an incredible 15 million times in just 2 weeks. It has added over US$12 billion to the value of the Nintendo company and is generating over $1.5 million per day in revenue.

Add to that the fact that it currently has more daily active users than Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat and you start to get a picture of just how big this phenomenon is.
But there is more to it; what if instead of finding digital creature you were hunting for daily deals, or perhaps finding historical facts about a town? What about a trail app for all the amazing bush walks around our region highlighting when you are in the vicinity of amazing Indigenous artworks or sacred sites.

[blockquote]This technology is perhaps the most exciting thing I have seen in 5 years. It is as big a game changer as Facebook, perhaps more so. Once we get used to a digital layer over our physical existence, we can add so much value.[/blockquote]

So if you see me running down the street trying to catch a Golbat or Pidgeotto, don’t think I’m strange, remember I am on a research mission to understand a game changing technology.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

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