[blockquote]This post is part rant, part review of Henry Rollins’ show in Springwood at the beginning of the month and part getting me back on track… brace yourself![/blockquote]

So I had a bit of a rant today on Facebook. You can see the post below. It centres around the concept of Slacktivism – thinking that posting something on Facebook to your status or doing some pushups or jumping on one leg while holding your breath does anything at all for the cause you are trying to support. I understand why people do it, it’s because we need to raise awareness… I call BULLSHIT on the concept of raising awareness on anything. Seriously, is there anyone on the planet that is not aware that cancer sucks. Like really sucks! Is there anyone on the planet that doesn’t know that our veterans need to be better looked after when they return from combat. Do we really need anymore debate about Domestic Violence being an issue?

[blockquote]NO! N Fucking O![/blockquote]

Frankly, we need to solve these issues. The fact that we haven’t got a cure for cancer yet but we are looking for water on mars tells me that the governments of the world have gotten their compass for what’s important so far of course, we cant believe they will ever get it back and fund what is actually important to humans on earth. SO it is up to organisations to do good work to try and solve these problems. What does good work need…? Resources – Time and Money. I have said it about business and the same is true here, there are only two resources available time and money. and both are needed by the truckload to solve these issues.

Let’s stick with 22 pushups to raise awareness of Veteran suicides for the moment. Do you think there is a veteran out there who saw a bunch of people doing pushups and thought, OK, I may not do it today – I REALLY hope so… But I feel that hope may be in vain. What is needed is money to get the proper mental health treatment these men and women need to help them with their issues.

There are some many charities that do help them, but all of them need money to carry out their work.

Now there are a number of people whom I really respect that did this challenge, and I admire their commitment, but the process needs to be monetised. The ice bucket challenge at least got that part right for the most part.

I do pushups every day anyway, but today I gave $22 to the organisation and committed to continue giving them $22 every week for a whole year. That is $1144 which goes toward their services. Now if just 1000 people did that, it would be over $1,000,000 – that is how you get help to those that need it.

I guess this all comes from a growing trend I see to try and be seen to do something without really doing anything. Lot’s of people say they support causes, or are happy to from the comfort of their own home, but how many are really willing to get in the trenches and do the work.

My best friend in the whole world is passionate about saving greyhounds. She works at every single weekend. I am not passionate about greyhounds, but I support her by putting a bunch of free ads in my paper so that we can get the word out about their service. See money talks once again, if they have to pay for advertising, they have less money for dog food and other stuff that is pretty important to what they do.

This is something you see in all walks of life, at all economic levels. But if everyone was just prepared to own the fact they were lazy and more focussed on their own shit (which is fine by the way) and just threw money at these problems, then all of a sudden we might actually get somewhere.

It is no secret that my whole personality, brand, life’s work is to DO STUFF!

Anyone that has even had a passing connection to me knows this. I do stuff. Some works, some doesn’t – I don’t bitch about it. I move on and embrace the fact that at least I took a swing.

Some stuff does work, amazingly well, but I don’t sit back and enjoy the good life, I move on to the next thing. I need to just keep DOING STUFF.

Which leads me to another thing I wanted to share with you today… Henry Rollins. Uncle Hank.

henry-rollins-2016_feel_web_495x300The first time I saw Henry Rollins was when he toured with the Rollins Band, back in the early 90s. He came on stage, dressed in nothing but black shorts, wrapped the mic cord around his hand and sonically assaulted the audience. It was possibly the most intense mosh pit I have ever seen and there were points I actually thought I might not make it out alive, but it would have been worth it.

Fats forward 25 years, or there about, and I was seated in a theatre in Springwood – with some very refined looking folk – awaiting the arrival on stage of Henry Rollins. He walked on stage wrapped the mic cord around his hand and let rip. A very different type of show, but once again, intense. Instead of being sonically assaulted, it was like a story teller that had his hand wrapped firmly around our brains and was squeezing them to see just how far they could be pushed.

There were stories from the road, there were tales of movie & tv roles – but more importantly – there were tales of his travels, and the people that he reaches out to using his tools. Music is his tool, sharing what it had meant to him through his life and how it had been the thing he has used to help others.

The main thing I took from an Evening with Henry Rollins was his unapologetic approach to living life on his terms. Doing stuff that makes him happy. Doing stuff that is important to him. But actually doing stuff. Not talking about it, not planning to do it, not thinking about how he might do it when everything was perfect. Just doing it.

I felt like I was slacking off after listening to Henry that night. I do a lot of stuff. But he does A LOT of stuff.

I would also suggest that he does everything at 100%. It certainly seemed that way. He doesn’t seem to be a person that would leave something in the tank for later. He stood there with his mic for over 2 hours and just spoke, no notes, no drinks, not stopping. Until he was done.

And that is how I will continue to live my life. Doing stuff that makes me happy and doing stuff that matters. Not paying lip service to it. But doing it.

Building myself and the world around me every single day. A work in progress that will never be done, it will just be ‘being done’. Forever.

SO… Be brave, Be bold… DO SOMETHING!
The world already has enough complainers, armchair critics and slacktivists… go and put your energy into something you care about. And fuck what anyone else thinks about it.

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