The day I became Ari Gold

I am struggling. I have lived my life and run my business always looking for the mutually beneficial situation. Trying to ensure we are always playing win/win. Sometimes, I have found myself in a situation where we were clearly losing but I have always ‘done the right thing’. Taken the high road. Made sure that
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Do the work!

I have been chatting with Tom recently as he is on holidays and using his time to play Fallout4 on the PS4, watch you tube videos about Fallout4 and generally become obsessed. Now I know what that is like. I remember the year I got HalfLIfe, I played it for hours every day, or the
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Comfort zone? What’s that?

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you” zig ziglar. #quote #success #outofmycomfortzone … When writing my goals this year, I decided in 2016 I wanted to add a bit more playing into my life, I wasn’t sure what form it would take, just needed things aside from work as part of the equation.
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The Museum of Me

I am totally in love with this concept, being able to visualise your social interactions like this gives a weighty meaning to all those posts about coffee you see on Facebook. Here is my theory, the more I learn about people one grain of information at a time, the better I get to know them.
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Book Review: George Lois

I am loving this book by the original Mad Man George Lois. The man behind Iconic branding and ads throughout many decades (think “I want my MTV” he created the brand that defined a generation). The part I identify with unwaveringly is this: Here is a link to an article that gives you his top
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