The Museum of Me

I am totally in love with this concept, being able to visualise your social interactions like this gives a weighty meaning to all those posts about coffee you see on Facebook. Here is my theory, the more I learn about people one grain of information at a time, the better I get to know them.
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Movie: Ctrl+Alt+Compete

I love watching these types of docks. They really get me inspired seeing what amazing people are doing with their time to change the world. At the beginning of the year when i still feel pumped and anything is possible, it’s a great movie to watch. Check it out. Ctrl+Alt+Compete is a new documentary that
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Book Review: George Lois

I am loving this book by the original Mad Man George Lois. The man behind Iconic branding and ads throughout many decades (think “I want my MTV” he created the brand that defined a generation). The part I identify with unwaveringly is this: Here is a link to an article that gives you his top
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Donate your bet!

DONATE YOUR BET. This is a simple concept. Take what you would normally bet on the Melbourne Cup, and donate it to a charity. Let’s face of it, most of us aren’t serious gamblers, have no idea what we are betting on and does the thrill of maybe winning the trifecta really improve the experience
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My definition of success

Today I am in Nambucca Heads, on my way to see a client in Coffs Harbour, I decided to stay here so I could visit a place from my childhood, and I am overwhelmed with feelings… Let me tell you the story of my Nanny & Poppy Joe. Sadly my nan passed away a couple
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Think Different

So it turns out I am a lunatic. Many of you who know me are right now nodding your heads, saying, Yep we knew that. When I saw the front page of this fine newspaper last week, my initial pride at being on the front page, was instantly replaced by horror when I read the
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