SOOOOO much has changed….

Hi! Thanks for visiting. How do you know me? Do you know me from a talk I did about digital marketing or business or startups…? Maybe you knew me ‘back in the day’… well recently, I have had a serious shift in focus and also realigned all my values around what I do.

Over the next 3 months, this site will be archived and taken offline. It now makes no sense for this to be the first introduction people have to me or my current activities.

I have had a long career in the web design and online marketing industry for which I am very grateful. However, after being in the design and marketing industry since 1997, I am wondering what comes next.

I currently own a newspaper in regional NSW, a startup in the property industry and still do the odd project with my team if it ticks enough boxes (usually, will we get paid what the project is worth – and – is it going to interest us).

At this point in my career, I am interested in pure design. Whether that be businesses, brands, applications or products. I find myself leaving the refuges of social media and sailing into the unknown. What comes after social, is there a way we can re-egineer the connections that have been made and add value to people’s lives rather than just take their time with fake news and irrelevant advertising.

I am interested in designing buildings, understanding energy, and finding solutions to real problems in the world.

My skills are imagining what is not yet imagined, taking complex things and being able to relate them in an understandable manner, and telling stories – using words to bring people together. I am not sure this is a skill set that is worth anything in the current corporate climate, hence why I am on my own at the frontier trying to find a path.

Please do not send me invitations, job offers or overnight success schemes.


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