Rich Evans – Size does not matter…

If you give people only one option… guess what they will do?

We get a lot of people contacting us that have a limited budget to achieve something for their business online. In the last month we have had a few of these, from a friend who is just starting a new business to a client that wanted to focus his marketing dollars on Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.

One of the most effective strategies that we have is the single goal website, also known as a SILO marketing site. Most small businesses focus on trying to build a website that covers all areas, which is absolutely necessary, but having a ‘mini’ website dedicated to a single goal or area of the business can be very effective way to promote.

Let me give you an example.

We began working with a Chiropractor in Sydney, Hance Limboro a few months back. Once we understood that his business was quite unique  we decided that a single goal site would be a good addition to his marketing, focusing on quickly getting a good search engine ranking for his key phrase ‘Chiropractor Sydney‘ and giving people a sales presentation that got them emotionally involved in their need for a chiropractor.

The search engine strategy revolved around getting the right domain, having the right title tag and setting some strong backlinks. Within 2 weeks we are sitting at number 7 in natural search results, which is driving traffic to the site.

Because of the nature of the site we are able to use Google analytics goal tracking to see where people are falling out of the process and change copy on those pages accordingly. So we can forever be tweaking and improving the site.

Currently the conversion rate of visitors to enquiries is sitting at about 20%, which is a good place to start.

The cost to setup this basic site and get it ranking was all under $2000. The fact that it is now a constant avenue that gives him new leads every week, assuming that the SEO sticks (and I know it will) he does not have to invest anything further to make this work for his business.

How could you make this work for you? Is there an area of your business that you could highlight, a particular product or service that deserves it’s own ‘mini’ site?

The answer is ALWAYS yes. What is the keyphrase you are targeting? That is what you need to do a mini site on.

Have a good week,