Rich Evans – the price we pay – a review of the social network

Straight off the bat I would like to say this. I had VERY high expectations of the movie the Social Network. The pedigree of David Fincher / Aaron Sorkin / Trent Reznor represented to me a holy trinity of creatives that had produced some of my favourite things in their respective fields. In this respect I was not let down, the film is shot beautifully, the music is atmospheric and adds such a dimension to the film, and the drama unfolds at the perfect pace.

From the first 30 seconds you start thinking “is Mark Zuckerberg really like this”, and having known some intelligent people over the years who are very gifted but annoyingly pretentious, I assume he may in fact be. If so, Jesse Eisenberg has a very bright future as a actor as he got you to a point very quickly where you just wanted to beat the smarmy I am better than you attitude out of him.

I have not read the book the film was based on but intend to get it today.

The chopping and changing of different time sequences is a little odd at first but as the film unfolds it works really well, giving you direct context to the conversations taking place.

Some of the unexpected things for me were the sad stories and the sacrifices that seem to have been made, the things that happen to a company when opportunists get involved and it grows beyond the capability of the founders to control and the price you pay for success can sometimes be far too high.

All in all, it is a very good movie, my only down side was that I felt ended far too abruptly, like it hadn’t actually finished, but then it dawned on me, neither has facebook… to be continued?