Rich Evans – On the road again…

Well hello from sunny Wagga Wagga! Arrived here last night after flying in on a bucket with wings.

This week (my birthday week, but don’t feel you HAVE to sing to me if you don’t want to…) I have flown from Vegas to Melbourne, driven to Bendigo, back to Melbourne, flown to Wagga and then tonight back to Vegas.

A lot of people would see this as a shame that I was away on my birthday, but something strange happened…

Because of my friends on social media, and the mobile web coming to my rescue with some recommendations, I have had a great time.

Firstly I received birthday messages not just from family and friends, but over 100 facebook friends joined in on the celebrations. TO receive this many messages on your birthday was unheard of prior to social media, and some may be cynical and say that it doesn’t mean as much because facebook tells them it is your birthday. Well I have a lot more facebook ‘friends’ than 100, but these 100+ obviously care enough that they made that special birthday connection. They went out of their way to make me feel special, some I knew well, some not at all, but what an amazing tool to create connection.

I even found out that one of my good friends comes from this part of the world. A little fact I didn’t know before. Some one recently said to me  “the reason I like facebook is when I finally meet people in real life, I already know heaps about them”

and that there is the point:

Social media may seem very shallow at a high level, but we are constantly learning little things about people that allow us to already know them well when we meet for the first time.

Don’t believe me… try this, buying something for a family member for Christmas… do you know what to get? Now, think of someone you ‘know’ on facebook but may have only met once in real life… got any ideas what they would like? of course you do!

What this means for us as business owners, is we are learning more and more about more and more people, and eventually when one those people decides they need our help, you will be top of mind for them, and you will already have some idea who they are. It will make the whole process easier.

So keep posting your photos of coffee, bacon, your kids, your t-shirts, your paintings, your cakes, your footy team, and keep sharing your jokes, articles videos, article and songs, they help us learn more about who you are and what makes you tick. And if you are reading this you obviously have been following my rants and stupidity for long enought that you decdided to check this out, so thanks for that.

Stay the course, play crazy.