Rich Evans – Rise Early – Work Hard – Strike Oil

This week is the first week of my new schedule for 2019. Back at work properly and working towards having a great 2019.

I listened to a Robin Sharma podcast just before Christmas where he talked about morning rituals and the benefits of the 5 am club.

I have had the last couple of mornings to myself at home as Kel is away for a couple of days with the kids, so I was able to get up at 5 am and test how it worked for me.

So far so good. Up at 5 am, straight onto the exercise bike for 20 minutes, 20 minutes of strength exercises -pushups, lunges, planks and setups today, 20 minutes of quiet time to read or think.

Today I read about olive oil producers in Tuscany, an article in the AFR from Saturday.

Then I had breakfast, today some leftover tomato and quinoa soup, a tea and then cooked up my lunch for today/tomorrow.

Cleaned up the Kitchen, then went and had a shower and got dressed for work.

I had everything done and was ready by 8:30am. Easy! I’m sure throwing kids and school and extra pressure into the mix will make it a bit more difficult, but that is why it is great to start forming my new habit now.

Robin went on to talk about how the research was showing that it took 66 days to install a new habit. Not the previous 21 days idea that has been the thing everyone has used for so long, and held themselves to, thinking, how did I slip off the bandwagon after I made a new habit, well the truth is in 21 days, you are not even halfway there… so that might explain it.

The research has been around a while, but for many of us, we had read or heard it takes 21 days at some point in our past and that is just what we believed to be true.

Here is a link that explains it in a bit more detail:

What I have found after just two days of keeping this up, is I feel more energized and relaxed – able to cruise into my workday feeling like I have already achieved things, and made progress on things that are important to me. It gives me time to reflect, time to be grateful and time to dream.

The flip side is how well I have been sleeping the last few nights. Getting up early and expending energy through the day has allowed me to sleep well at night, not wake up and toss and turn.

We all make resolutions, but most are a distant memory by the time the end of January rolls around because we don’t have a plan to keep our resolutions. We just have a dream.

Hope is not a plan, hoping to lose weight doesn’t help lose weight. Hoping to make more money, doesn’t make more money, so you must detail how you will achieve these things.

Those that know me well know I always have a well-written goal, a plan to achieve, a supporting spreadsheet and a very clear picture of what is next. This doesn’t mean it always works though, but it does give me a track to return to if the wheels fall off at any point.

It’s never a straight forward road, it’s a dangerous rocky road no matter what you are trying to achieve, as life has a way of getting in the way of even the most aspirational dreams.

So far this year we are on track, and hopefully being a member of the 5 am club is a step in the right direction of achieving our dreams this year.