Rich Evans – Why Life is like a video game

Fear. It can be a powerful enemy.

I’m not certain if it is the fear of change, the fear of success, but I do know one thing – it is NOT the fear of failure.

I am willing to try anything, not scared of hard work, and the idea of a comfort zone is foreign to me, or so I thought.

Let me explain…

I have lived my entire adult life on the edge as a business owner, constantly experience the roller coaster road of successful highs and devastating lows, and enjoying every minute. We have found a relatively happy medium, and I now realise… I have developed a new comfort zone.

It doesn’t look like a safe, warm place like most peoples comfort zones, it kind of looks like a dangerous mine field that I know the path through, and I have become comfortable with that.

What has challenged me over the last week is the new business I am working on and the growth our company needs to go through to enable us to make this new venture a success, I keep checking I have my spreadsheets right as the numbers are big… Very big.

Then it happens. Fear. Self doubt, how could little old me possibly build this business. I’m just a web designer from Penrith!!

All the achievements matter for nothing when the black demon of fear arrives, it’s all I can see.

But I have a weapon. A secret amulet that gives me power to overcome.

I get to see my fear through my son’s eyes. To him, nothing is impossible. His dream is to build his game company so big he can employ his best friends and spend all day doing what he loves.

He has no limitations yet, I asked him to set a goal for his game company, he chose having a skyscraper in Sydney – to him, anything is possible.

So I look at my demon of fear as I would have in my youth, a boss character in a game stopping me from getting to the next level. Beat him, I get to level up, and whilst the game may get harder, I am getting closer to finishing it.