Rich Evans » FACEBOOK – Frenemies or friends…?

OK, so my cynical but intelligent colleague Natalie just came out with a statement… Aren’t people on facebook more frenemies than friends?Excellent question!

The fact is that in business and communities there are always people that we come across that just rub us the wrong way. The difference in real life is we avoid them like the plague… see them coming towards you at a networking function, good time to take a bathroom break! However, it seems in the race to the most friends/followers on social, we’ll accept those same people into our ‘network’.

Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part II said: keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

(This is often misattributed to Sun Tzu… which i did the other day, i stand corrected)

This social environment we now find ourselves in lends itself to this, however something Sun Tzu DID say:

A leader leads by example not by force.

Now this is the thing that we need to hold to.

The other day I started a conversation about having a local catch up of Social Media junkies in the Penrith area, this got a small thread going that was in turn, turned into a slash fest of external promotion and subsequent backlash from people that were loyal to me.

I prefer not to get involved, I actually tried to diffuse the situation, because reality was, people that wanted to hear what I had to say heard it. People that try and push their own agenda on your posts/wall strike me like the doormen on a strip club, “cmon mate, come in, our ladies are the best…” when you know full well, that inside the door is going to be a whole world of nasty … (from what I have heard).

  • Got a problem with someone? Tell them in private.
  • Don’t want to hear what they have to say? Unfriend them
  • Sick of all the crap that instant experts are stealing/selling… offer an alternative! or STFU

I think the only way to stand tall above all this is to be yourself, your true self and not get involved in mudslinging, crap digging or any other rubbish online, the same as you would not in the ‘real’ world.

No one is forcing you to be on social media, no one is forcing you to friend anyone. I have said no to a bunch of people, why, because i know who they are and they have nothing to do with my life.

Thankfully, however, I feel that the balance is squarley in the friends side of the argument. I think the frenemies are few and far between and their abrasive nature will ensure they attain their rightful place at the top of scrapheap of hasbeen wannabes. Cream always rises to the top so do what you do best and leave the mudflinging to the pollies, they are best at it anyway.

Just A Thought,