Rich Evans – Personal Branding – the most important thing to get right in 2019…

I gave a presentation for some buddies of mine last Friday which was all new material. My focus was on Personal Branding and why I thought it was by far the most important aspect for you to get right in 2019!

In this 24/7 media consuming world we live in, everyone can be a superstar, and everyone should be the face of their business.

It is very true what the image above says –

We recognise and follow people, not companies.Me…

Think about it, you see a picture of Steve Jobs – You think of Apple… but he has been dead for nearly 5 years.

Think of Richard Branson, you think of Virgin. The Virgin group has hundreds of businesses, and they all benefit from being associated with Sir Richard’s image, even though he never steps foot in most of them.

The list goes on and on, but the simple truth is this. Even if your business is growing and you want your team to be the ones people recognise, having you as a figurehead, or face of the company can only add value in the long run, and help you build your own profile that will carryon to whatever you may want to do in the future.

I am not suggesting for one second that you create a character… I am suggesting you get very clear about the real you that is the one that people are inspired by, put some framework around who that is and make sure you live up to it every day.

Thi sis the basis of what social media marketing is in 2019. You.

Live video – is dominating social media right now and to be able to stream on demeaned you need to be clear on who you are, what you are going to say and a host of other things.

It is not hard, but it does take some work. I suggest sitting down and asking yourself these questions…

  1. Who am I?
  2. How do I present myself, what do I wear?
  3. How do you speak?
  4. What am I talking about?
  5. Who am I talking to?

This is the basis of having these things in place so you don’t have to think about the basics, you only have to think about he content you want to deliver.

I look forward to seeing your personal brand develop 😉