Rich Evans – Donate your bet!

This is a simple concept. Take what you would normally bet on the BREEDERS’ CUP, and donate it to a charity.

Let’s face of it, most of us aren’t serious gamblers, have no idea what we are betting on and does the thrill of maybe winning the trifecta really improve the experience that much at what ever festivities you are attending today… I think not.

Each year the amount of money bet by Americans on the race that stops the nation is astronomical. This year it is tipped to be over 700 million. That’s dollars.

This year I’m giving $100 to Cancer Aid and Research Fund… seeing as how I have been personally affected by this in the last week.

There are many worthy charities out there that could do with your money more than some random booky or the TAB. Still go out, still have fun, but at race time, put your money into a charity instead and you will be a real winner.